Our cloud technology & infrastructure

Enabling scalability at the highest possible speed

The accommodation business and the travel industry experience an extreme volatility and seasonality in their business. All too often the traditional data center and server capacities, used by traditional travel businesses, are insufficient for the vast amount of customer requests that arise in peak times. Our cloud infrastructure and technology allows scalability in a few milliseconds instead of minutes, hours or days. It was built for the travel industry of the 21st century from the ground up.

5G antenna in metropolitan area

Cloud native and 5G ready

LODGEA was built with the latest serverless technology on Amazon Web Services and provides the highest possible scalability. It is also built to serve content within an average timeframe of 200ms. Making it prepared for the super low latencies of 5G mobile networks.

Fiber optics and over 10,000 servers in 215 locations

Consumers are becoming increasingly impatient with websites and digital services as they have all the right to be. The promise of ever faster network connections does not match what consumers around the globe experience every day. That's why LODGEA serves all content in over 215 locations around the globe with fast fiber optic connections. This allows the fastest possible delivery of your services and offerings to your consumers. LODGEA uses tens of thousands of servers in peak time so that the performance of your website, services and offerings remains at a consistently high level even during extreme peak times.

200 ms to serve the consumers of tomorrow

Loading indicators and spinning circles are no longer accepted by consumers. Latest reports reveal that users abandon websites if loading times are well above 3 seconds and this trend is only going to accelerate. Roaming and multi-homing have become the norm for today's consumers requiring networks to be even more elastic and applications to adjust to that behaviour. The requirements for networking and applicatiton architecture to serve the consumers of the 21st century can only be understood by experienced professionals. That's why LODGEA provides you an integrated and optimised platform that delivers services in an average of 200s, so that you don't need to worry about these things.

Blockchain, cryptography and durability

As LODGEA was designed and built in 2021, it uses a centralised Blockchain for transaction processing. This includes the booking process to make your transactions or bookings cryptographically verifyable. It makes it almost impossible to tamper with your transactions. Sensitive data is encrypted using the latest elliptic curve cryptography to ensure high privacy and security standards. All your data is permanently stored in different geographic locations which provides high durability and reduces the potential for data losses. Even if one location becomes unavailable.

Female programmers in the 21st century

The world has changed.

There's no space for compromises any more.
Long gone are the days of installing servers in data centers. Today's globalisation requires extreme scalability and fast delivery of contents, services and offerings. An application, built in this day and age, runs on no less than 1,000 servers and uses a highly distributed system architecture. LODGEA was built by certified and experienced cloud engineers to deliver the best ever possible performance for you and, more importantly, your customers.

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