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Building a travel business and travel websites can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. LODGEA does not just provide one of the most innovative and cloud-based software for the travel industry, but also tightly integrates various business models and was built to enable the success of your business.

Accommodation unit management in LODGEA for Hotels, Vacation Rentals and many other different types of properties.

Pick your business model

Decide whether you want to market and sell accommodation as a travel agency, agent, broker or service provider. We support you with training videos not only when setting up our software, but also with training material to get your business off to a successful start.

See our free travel industry training video
Management of media files such as images for property in the LODGEA Management Console.

Get your content ready

Prepare your accommodations, properties, their descriptions, text content, images and other additional information on the properties such as restaurants, services and prices. Set up your website and your individual branding. Finally configure your website's domain.

See the LODGEA Quick Start video
Manage policies and procedures for your travel business and the respective accommodations in the LODGEA Management Console.

Set up your business operations

Get your business started by setting up your business operations and contractual grounds with your accommodations. Ensure all legal or business requirements are met and you are ready to service your new customers.

See our free travel industry training video

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