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Marketing is, much like technology, one of the most important parts of business operations in the 21st century. The greatest products and services are worth nothing without a solid marketing strategy. Surprisingly though, many software solutions do contain very little or no marketing automation at all. The marketing automation inside LODGEA is one of the largest sections. We know that connecting technology with marketing automation, ad campaigns and the sales funnel is the single biggest challenge of any business these days.

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It's all about marketing

We believe that software without marketing automation no longer has a place in this world. Search engine optimisation, integrated tag management and analytics as well as a tight connection between campaigns and conversion were the dominant reason why LODGEA was built in the first place. Without marketing, there is no product and no need for any software or service.

Tag-Management and Web Analytics

All too often, technology gets in the way of marketing. LODGEA is a technology that gets marketing up and running from day one. Tag management and Google Analytics are not just available, but integrated to the fullest extend. With event handling and e-commerce data included. We believe that tag management and web analytics is not just a nice-to-have, but an absolute must. That's why all customers in all subscriptions have full access to all tag management and web analytics functionality. Furthermore our open and unrestricted tag management solution gives you the freedom to run your marketing the way you want.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

The proper indexing by search engine and social media robots is essential to marketing Internet services. This requires clean URLs, proper meta tags including Open Graph tags as well as the proper structure of the website and its pages. We think that this is a basic requirement for any website and therefore LODGEA provides the best possible indexability for search engines and social media robots alike. Every section of the data management within LODGEA allows the creation of unique URLs, optimises images for indexing and allows setting the correct meta tags. Additionally, the integration of the Google Search Console is an essential part of every subscription.

Google Hotel Ads & Vacation Rental

Google provides dedicated advertising options and a price comparison for hotels, vacation rental and many other accommodation types. This is an essential advertising channel that helps to acquire new customers and drive visitors to your website. That's why Google Hotel Ads is a vital part of all subscriptions and we encourage all customers to enable Google Hotel Ads to get the most out of their LODGEA website. The tight integration with Google's search engine and advertising services is an essential part of LODGEA and one of the key drivers for your business success.

Facebook & Instagram Hotel Ads

Facebook provides specific advertising options for Hotels and other accommodations that can serve both Facebook and Instagram. The advantage of these ad types is the possibility to use all accommodation data including rates and availability to maximise the efficiency of your ad campaigns on Faceboook and Instagram. With over 1 billion users, Facebook and Instagram are one of the dominant platforms in the Internet and hence a key driver for customer acquisitions and visitors to your website. That's why Facebook and Instagram ad automations are included in all subscriptions.

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Designed by experts

Leverage decades of experience.
LODGEA was designed by experienced marketing professionals with decades of marketing experience to provide the most advanced, integrated and automated marketing solutions for your business. This includes the best possible automated solutions for both your strategic and tactical marketing activities. Yet, it was built to be simple and easy to operate and navigate.

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