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Provide integrated travel services

Bus and rail customers often need accommodation services. However the complexibility of the accommodation business has let many transportation companies to shy away from offering integrated travel services. LODGEA provides an easy platform that can be integrated into the core business of any transportation provider.

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Advantages of bus & rail

Companies that provide ground transport often have contracts with accommodations already. Many provide dedicated accommodation offerings to their customers as they already have a trust relationship with them. Integrating accommodation services into the existing transportation services through digital communication can increase the revenue of any bus or rail company significantly.

Challenges of bus and rail companies

Transportation providers already have the demand for accommodation services. However, they rely on third parties such as tour operators or online travel agents to provide these services to their passengers and are limited to the commercial agreements and capabilities of their respective partner. The complexity of existing technology also makes it incredibly complicated and inconvenient for bus and train companies to integrate the accommodation services tightly and efficiently into their existing sales channels for their core business, transport services.

Complete contractual independency

LODGEA does not dictate how you do business with the accommodation companies you contract. Whether you work on fixed fees, flexible commissions or any other type of commercial agreement, we do not interfere and we will not dictate how you run your business. LODGEA is an open platform for accommodation services and lodging that gives you the freedom to offer the services you want in the way you want them offered. The technology that enables you to do this is our business. The way you do business is your business alone.

An autonomous platform and open APIs

If it can be done technically, then it can be done. We know that companies have a lot of services and systems they run on. That's why we provide an open API that allows you to integrate the accommodation services, you manage within LODGEA, to anything you want. Our technology and our own business is focused entirely on your success and enables you to do business your way. You decide your suppliers and partners and you decide your integrations and marketing activities. We only and exclusively offer you the technology for this.

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Take it into your own hands
LODGEA provides an autonomous and open platform that can be integrated into the e-commerce channels of the transportation providers through the provided web front ends and APIs. Through direct connections to suppliers, LODGEA provides the freedom to negotiate with any type of accommodation.

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