Artificial intelligence and robots

Let the robots do the work.

The world has evolved and ever continues to evolve. Within the first decade of the 21st century, computers learned to see, listen, speak, read, write and more importantly understand and recognise. Artificial intelligence and autonomous virtual robots build the foundation of LODGEA. They relieve you of tedious work, reduce workloads to seconds instead of days and ensure you can focus on what really matters: your customers and your business.

Photographer with camera

Artificial intelligence at the heart

Artificial intelligence, especially the area of machine learning, are the core foundation of LODGEA's system architecture. LODGEA already includes numerous machine learning algorithms like computer vision, image analysis, natural language understanding and recommender engines. However, we know that this is just the beginning of an even brighter future.

Image analysis with recognition of features and amenities

Every image you upload will go through several fully fledged image analysis and recognition algorithms. LODGEA will then automatically determine the features and amenities for the accommodation, the property and the hotel rooms or housing units. It will also perform image moderation to ensure your images meet the criteria for search engines and social media to be properly indexed. LODGEA can identify thousands of features from images such as sports activities, equipment like coffee makers, beds, restaurants and many more. You don't have to scroll through a list with thousands of features for hours. LODGEA identifies those automatically based on the images you provide.

Automatic translation into 79 languages

LODGEA contains an advanced automatic translation that provides translation of your content. Languages include English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, Spanish and many more. The translation algorithms provide professional-grade translation of the highest possible standard for automatic translations. No longer do you need to execute complicated translation workflows, work with numerous translators or hire dozens of people for simple translations. LODGEA provides all of these at the click of a button within a few seconds of processing.

Geo data analysis and location detection

Using address information or coordinates, LODGEA can autonomously detect and assign all location information of accommodations. Street address and city are sufficient to generate complete address information and exact locations with coordinates. Just with precise coordinates, LODGEA can also capture complete address information. There is no need for tedious research or moving markers on a map. LODGEA uses a large number of maps and business directories from across the world to capture these information.

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Get there faster.

It's more than just a software.
Convoluted form collections represent the software of yesteryear. LODGEA was built to provide a solution to grow your online travel business and grow it fast. Anything that can be done by an artificial intelligence will be done by it. LODGEA was built with machine learning algorithms as the foundation of absolutely everything it does. We want you and your company to have access to the most modern technology of our time.

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